Military Heroes


I decided to add this series of pages recently after recieving an e-mail. That e-mail is the story of Roy P. Benavidez. His story is one I've heard before, first hand, in the summer of '94. He was a guest speaker at my Field Training encampment. Unfortunately that e-mail reports that he has recently died. So I've decided to place his story here (and more as I find them) as a small memorial to the many great men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces and committed such great deeds and sacrificed so much. As you will see Master Seargent Benavidez truly embodied the qualities of a hero. I hope you will share this with others or submit the stories of others.

MSGT Roy P. Benavidez
Capt Steven L. Bennett
A1C William Pitsenbarger

living recipientsrecently departed