Add a Custom Cursor to Your Site


You can easily add a customized cursor to your web site. It doesn't require any java scripts, active x, or any other less favorable code. You can add your customized cursor with just a little bit of CSS code. The three short and easy steps are below.


1. Choose a cursor or make your own

You can download tons of customized cursors from the internet (search for cursors at or make your own using a program like Axialis AX-Cursors 4.5. The cursor should be a file name that ends with .cur

2. Upload cursor to your web site

After you have the cursor you want you'll need to add it to your site. Upload the file using FTP, or your web hosts web tool for uploading files. You can put this in the root directory of the site.

3. Add the code

There are two ways to do this with CSS. The code below shows how you can add the CSS code to a regular HTML page. If you have an external CSS file, you can add the cursor line to the body info.